The City of Sugar Land has established five major goals to support its mission to enhance the quality of life in the community with a commitment to excellence in the delivery of public service.

Please read my approach to these issues below…

Safest City in America

Public safety is the single most important city service for our residents. City Council must continue to dedicate necessary resources to our police and fire departments to ensure that safety departments operate effectively and efficiently.

Responsible City Government

The process of local government should be conducted in a transparent manner and the decision processes should be visible to all citizens. City Council should make fully informed decisions in defining policy and undertaking strategic planning initiatives. Maintaining low tax rates for both homeowners and businesses will strengthen Sugar Land’s economic base. Smart spending is necessary to ensure that the City lives within its means during the current economic downturn.

Strong Local Economy

We must continue to promote Sugar Land as a top destination for quality businesses which will make our tax base stronger and generate sales tax revenues to balance the local economy. We must be wise in deciding how the remaining undeveloped areas in the City are utilized and should encourage superior development that brings value to our economic mix.

Livable Neighborhoods

Quality of city services and amenities are part of what makes Sugar Land a great place to live. However, parts of the city have aging infrastructure, including streets and sewer systems. It is imperative that we allocate sufficient resources to our Capital Improvement Program to maintain a sound infrastructure.

The City of Sugar Land has developed a great system of regional and local parks for its citizens. Quality of life is impacted by open spaces and we should continue to seek ways to improve our park system with enhancements such as hike and bike trails.

Mobility for People

With the growing population in Sugar Land and Fort Bend County, mobility must be a high priority. The City’s recent mobility plan needs to be implemented and future developments must provide sufficient infrastructure to handle increased traffic.

The city should evaluate opportunities for interlocal agreements with other government agencies to offset costs of infrastructure wherever possible.

Well Planned Community

Sugar Land has been recognized both in Texas and nationally for the quality of life in the community. Much of this success is due to careful long range planning. The city is a destination for families and businesses alike. It is important to remember that neighborhoods and families are the strength of our city. We need to protect the balance between economic development and the interests of our citizens.